Our Team

The Toronto Political Advocacy Committee (TPAC) is made up of a group of first and second year medical students at the University of Toronto. Taking the lead for the 2019-2020 year is a team of four execs who are passionate about making Toronto a better place and educating medical students on the importance of advocacy around health, social justice, and equity:

  • Lauren Beck: Communications and Student Engagement Lead

  • Fanny Cheng: Research Lead

  • Ghazal Haddad: Logistics and Strategy Lead

  • Helen Zeng: Community Partnerships Lead

Initiated in 2016, TPAC has the goal of equipping medical students with the skills to lobby and advocate for meaningful change at the municipal level. Past accomplishments include a successful 2017 municipal lobby day that focused on improving Toronto's Homeless Management Information System. This year, we're excited to welcome back new and returning medical students for our 2019-2020 year, continuing on with our work advocating within the realm of health, homelessness and policy change in Toronto.