Our Team

The Toronto Political Advocacy Committee (TPAC) is made up of a group of first and second year medical students at the University of Toronto. Taking the lead for the 2018-2019 year is a team of four execs who are passionate about making Toronto a better place and educating medical students on the importance of advocacy around health, social justice, and equity:

  • Asia van Buuren: Community Outreach + Partnership Co-Lead
  • Steven Cho: Community Outreach + Parternship Co-Lead
  • Chloe Brown: Strategy Lead
  • Tommy Hana: Research Lead

Initiated in 2016, TPAC has the goal of equipping medical students with the skills to lobby and advocate for meaningful change at the municipal level. Past accomplishments include a successful 2017 municipal lobby day that focused on improving Toronto's Homeless Management Information System. This year, we're excited to welcome back new and returning medical students for our 2018-2019 year, continuing on with our work advocating within the realm of health, homelessness and policy change in Toronto.